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Omegle Talkinger is an online video chat site where millions of people chat. You don't have to be a registration and it's free.
Nowadays, almost everyone knows about online omegle video call or random text chat. However, there are similar alternatives for meeting new people living in a different country or different city. Talkinger offers you the best alternatives for omegle video chat. also collects other sites like omegle under one site. Thus, using talkinger, you can match users of all sites like, chatrandom, chatroulette and so on. Easy to use, free and all random video chat sites in one!

start omegle video chat

What is Omegle Talkinger? is a successful omegle alternative where you can video chat with random users online and using webcam. With Talkinger, you can use video chatting as well as video chatting with strangers. If you have used these services before, you will not have any problems with this site. But if you are new, it will take a few days to get used to our site and enjoy the fun. We have gathered the best free video chat sites and other quality random chats waiting to be discovered. We have simplified the online video chat so that all users can use our site without any problems. If you are using a desktop browser or want to talk to a mobile phone, our site is sufficient to satisfy both requests. We have meticulously prepared the online chat so you can have a pleasant time and communicate with different people. The easy-to-use interface makes our chat site a better alternative to Ome tv or other random chat apps.

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How should you use Talkinger?

Use of strangers chat is omegle random chat alternative not different from other alternative video chat websites. Rather, it is quite simple. There are no other hassles, other than doing the basic tasks, after you first visit the website for the first time, on your device. After you visit talkinger chat, for the first time, you will get a popup from the top of the browser, which will ask for permissions to use your webcam and microphone. You will have to grant the access to your microphone and your webcam, if you want to enjoy Talkinger. After you give permission, is ready to use. In case you are having multiple microphones and webcams connected to the computer, video chat can only use the one, which is set as default in your operating system
unless supplication exclusion exception is granted to your browser.

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Omegle Random Chat Giving permissions

The Omegle Random Chat After granting permission, you will find two windows on the left side of the webpage, where one will show you, and the other will show the user, who is present on the other end. You will have to wait for a few seconds unless chatting system finds a random stranger for you to chat. support video chat and text chat at the same time. It will be helpful, if you or the user on the other end, do not have a good quality microphone, and you or the user on the other end gets distorted sound. If you are not interested in the random stranger, whom chooses for you, you can click on the small refresh button, such that system finds a new stranger for you to chat with. Thus, using random video chat is super simple.

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Using the Omegle Mobile App

The website was coded 100% mobile compatible. So you don't have to download the app to talk on the phone. But if you want to download our mobile application, you can download omegle mobile from Google Playstore or Apple App Store applications. All you have to do is enter the search section and write the name of the application there. When you do this, you will need to select the first app that appears in the search results. After clicking the Install button, the downloader will ask for permission to save. ou will need to allow the application, and after doing this, the download will begin. For many new models, permissions are requested when the download is complete and the first time you open the application. To use our app on your mobile, you will need to allow microphone and camera access in talkinger, just like any video chat application. The app needs this permission to upload your video with your device's microphone and camera. All the buttons and options can be used next to the chat box, as it appears on the desktop, to avoid any difficulties. Such easy synchronization between the application and the desktop website is not available in other chatrandom alternatives other than

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Some notable features

You might have used a number of video chatting platforms, prior to But there are many reasons, why you should switch to, ditching the previous ones. Well, you will get the answer to the question, once you start using the platform. is made in a way, such that it functions quite well even on low-end devices, and weak connections. In one word, is very lightweight, which make quite handy for those, who can’t use heavy video chatting websites like shagle or chatki. There are a number of users, who want to refrain from sex or adult chats. For that purpose, uses a special screening algorithm, which will help you keep away those users and chat rooms, which are meant for shagle chats. also offers a number of chatrooms, which make another great reason to choose, if you compare it with other Chatroulette typing Omegle alternatives. Once you start using, you will fall in love with video chat, and will hardly use any other video chatting platform ever.


In case, you are unable to use webcam or the microphone in order to do video chat on, there are a number of possible reasons behind that. The first is, you might not have the latest drivers for your webcam or your microphone. Just check on the manufacturer’s website and ensure that you are using the latest drivers. Once you find it, check whether there is any pending permission, which you haven’t granted. In most of the cases, some browsers do not show the popup for the permissions. Just click on the permission icon beside the address bar on your browser, to check, whether there is any pending permission. If you are using antivirus software, check whether the adult dating or video chatting websites are disabled by default or not. In many cases, there are a number of antivirus programs, which disable the access to adult dating and video chats, as an option for parental control. You should read the documentation provided with your antivirus program to know the ways to disable the block. If you tried everything, and are still facing issues, you are free to contact the support team of, which is better than competitor websites like or others.

Making the quality better

In many cases, a number of users complain about poor quality of audio or video while chatting. The problem is face by a number of users. In order to fix that, it is recommended that you do video call in a place, where there adequate amount of ambient light. If you are chatting from a dark room, you will find issues, in case there are no special illumination lights, provided with your webcam. You can use the screen light, which make the integral part of the skin white, producing enough light for better quality video call. The screen illumination is a special feature on, which you will not find on other websites like or chathub. In case you are still not getting the adequate quality, you can even purchase a night vision webcam, which can even record video even in extreme darkness. If you are facing any kind of problems with voice or sound, you can move on to a silent location, or check whether your hardware or microphone support active noise cancellation. If such a service is not available, moving to a quite location is the only option available.

Change the quality

Almost all the video chatting websites detect the Internet speed and choose the video chat quality on its own. The same is applicable for, as well. But, none of the competitors of Talkinger, like Omegle, does not give you the option to choose the video chat quality on your own. You can choose the desired video quality, on both your mobile app, as well as the webs browser. Choosing the video chat quality on your own can be helpful if you have varying upload and download speeds. By choosing the video quality, you can see the user on the other end of in a better way, which is something desired by all. It is one of the greatest features of, which is appreciated by a number of users, who use